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0800 327-027 (NZ freephone) is MAF's Animal Welfare Complaints Hotline
The Welfare of Dogs
"We have been given the power over our fellow creatures,
To do with them as we see fit.
To treat them with kindness and respect and understanding,
Is the measure of our greatness."

Much-loved Katie!

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Against Cruelty

Against Animal Concentration Camps


Remember: Humans Are Animals, Too!
- would you like to be treated cruelly?

Dogs are amazing creatures. They are described by some as our "best friend" but there are others in our community and globally, who do not see them as anything but food or fighting material.

Who Cares:

Elly Maynard has discovered that dogs are being exported from New Zealand to Asian countries, purely for the dinner table. This applies in particular to St Bernards. A photo of a St Bernard is at right. We won't show you what happens to these poor animals but if you want to find out, here is the webpage that tells you. It will make you cry, if you have any care for dogs at all.

Photo of St Bernard
(Thanks to Natural History Museum, Berne)

Want to see a St Bernard Puppy? Look at this little cutie!
More about St Bernards
This beautiful dog-breed, and many others, is destined for Asia's cruel dog killing and eating industry. How do you feel about that? If you want to protest, contact this lady: Elly Maynard. She is currently investigating the dog "export" industry in New Zealand and needs your support.
Also, please contact your local MP and voice your concerns.

Asian Dog Cruelty:

We have received a letter from Rachel who has worked as a volunteer in South Korea's only animal shelter. It is run by caring Asian people who love animals but it badly needs funds. If you can help, visit Korean Animal Protection Society. These people are pioneers in animal welfare for Korean fellow creatures. You can donate online if you wish to.

Many Asians do not regard dogs as highly as Westerners do. (See the link at right if you want to see some proof.) That may be gradually changing and thanks to organisations like WSPA, it should continue. However, here in New Zealand there are Asians who still consider it healthy to eat dog. They think that dogmeat provides extra strength, despite lack of real proof that this is true. While this belief remains prevalent among Asians who come and reside in New Zealand, the welfare of dogs will deteriorate.

Immigrants must be taught about animal psychology and their close relation to human beings. Of course, that applies to many New Zealanders, too, when it comes to other animals like cows and sheep but most New Zealanders would not eat dogs and would not condone the cruel killing methods employed in the Asian markets. It is deplorable and inexcusable. Sorry, Asians, but that's the facts. And for those of you who don't have this attitude, that's wonderful! - and please educate your relations and friends to think differently about animals.

Remember: Humans Are Animals, Too!
- would you like to be treated cruelly?

Rachel's account of the Shelter in Korea
(in case you missed the link on the left!).

Visit this link for proof of distressing animal cruelty in Korea, in particular towards cats and dogs. This attitude to animals is prevalent in most (if not all) Asian countries.

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