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Spirit Dreams
Tending the spirit is something we shouldn't neglect. Caring for ourselves and others is an important part of a happy life.
"The mind set on the spirit is peace and life."
- Romans 8:6

Nourishing Your Dreams
Relaxation after a hard day
Helping others

Follow That Dream!

"Keep your dreams, they're richer far, than the facts discovered are.
Keep your dreams, for in them lies, joy denied to people grown 'wise'.
Still build castles in the air, still see white ships sailing there.
Still having something to pursue, something which you wish you knew."

By Edgar A. Guest
...A highly encouraging piece of poetry!

    Go on an archaeological dig.
    Go sailing. This website includes sound and audio you can view. It's the story of the sailboat "Out of Bounds" and her crew as they travelled the world.
    Visit Paris to shop!
    OK, for something "closer to home", how about going to a show? It can still be relatively expensive for those of us with little spare cash. But saving up to go to something you really like now and then, is VERY good for the spirit!
    Chat at the Bay this Wednesday night or Friday morning.

Relaxation after a hard day:
    Read a good book. Try one of the selections we have here, you can even read some online.
    Take a long, deep relaxing bath using your favourite scent. Put your whole head (and body of course) under the water with just your nose sticking out. Allow yourself to "float".....mmm, feel the tension easing away?....
    Learn something new (surprisingly relaxing if it's something you enjoy): Ever tried pottery? Paper tole? Woodcarving? Enrol at your nearest night college and take a class.
    Stroll in a garden. Even if it's not your own, there may be some public gardens nearby.
    If you live near a beach, go for a walk, even in the rain.
    Go somewhere quiet to meditate and pray.
    Go out for a coffee with a friend.
    Play some music (use headphones to shut out extraneous noise) or... play a musical instrument.
    Invite some friends over for a takeaway meal or just dessert and coffee, and maybe play cards.
    Last, but not least, you could play a decent game online for a while. There are a few excellent ones. See links at right.

Do something for someone else, totally unexpected:
We are often very busy helping our own families, but if we can give out to others in need, even in a small way, it feeds our spirits. Try it, you'll feel great!:
"Do unto others as you would have done unto you"
"Love your neighbour as yourselves.."
    Write to an elderly or sick relative.
    Take flowers to someone in your nearest resthome for the elderly, even if you don't know them.
    Volunteer for a half day helping out in a charity, for example the hospice shops, SPCA, local church op shops etc.
    Support a child through a reputable charity, for example CCF or World Vision or Tearfund. Write to the child now and then, and sometimes send a small gift.

Moments of Solitude:

Stories about angels

Everything Biblical and related histories, including the full writings of Flavius Josephus

Moments of Warmth:

To Christian Childrens Fund
Sponsor a child through CCF

Come chat at the Bay.
Come Chat at the Bay

Mystery Games Online:
Nieuw Amsterdam.
Set in a sailing ship.
(Java-enabled browser needed, e.g.Netscape 3.0, IE 3.0 or above.)

set in ancient Rome.

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