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Vaccines and Health:
Find out the pros and cons of vaccinations, the contents of vaccines and other vaccine info. Also, connect to the New Zealand Ministry of Health Immunisation Handbook (downloadable).

Animal Welfare and Petcare:   Have a !!

ACTA, Against Cruelty To Animals,
- sign our petition!
Minimum welfare standards for chickens. Make your submission today.
South Island Dairy Cows. Read about the plight of the North Island cows being sent to suffer and die in the harsh South Island climate. Make your protest.
Vote for stronger laws in New Zealand to protect our animals from suffering. Read the current laws. There are also links to MAF and SPCA in New Zealand.
Kiwi sanctuaries get funding.
Angel Mackayla - The child who made her birthday a celebration for the animals at the Auckland SPCA.....
Whales- Hear the haunting sound of whale song.

Spirit Dreams:
Do you have a dream? Maybe it's to go on safari to Africa, sail on a yacht around the world, or to go on an archaeological dig in the Middle East or South America.
Save up and Do It if you can. Otherwise, maybe you can do a little web-surfing and enjoy the dream, like so many of us have to be content with. (sigh)
Discover where the best archaeological digs are on, both in NZ and overseas. You can even take part in a dig.
Also here: quiet time tips, hobbies and inspirational reading.

You've seen the film, so now........
Read the Books!:
Books which made the films famous, historical and online.
Update on the movie "Lord of the Rings", plus a download of the latest excerpt. It was filmed down the South Island of NZ in the most PERFECT setting you can imagine!

NZ Shops Online:
Clothes, cosmetics, jewellery... all sorts of New Zealand stores online. We have done our best to ensure they are Kosher!

OK, let's get really serious!
Political Stuff:
Apprenticeships are back.
Women in the workplace. View the Employment Relations Act. Plus an overview of women in NZ employment including statistics tables from the NZ Govt's stats.

Support RAWA, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
- Stand with our sisters, who are going through intense trauma. Whatever our religion and beliefs are, nothing justifies terrorism, whether it be against our own race or another.
Neither the Taliban nor the Northern Alliance have anything to be proud of in this respect.
Their persecution of women must be eradicated.

Chat at the Bay:
NZ Woman is a place where you will find many different opinions. Kindness in our differences is encouraged. If the moderator is not there, please remember:
Share your opinion, but remember to care.

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