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August 2002

Labour Force Survey Labour Force Survey June 2002
But notice the Household Labour Force Survey Definitions.
Under these definitions you are counted as "employed" if you work more than 1 hour per week. Also, if you are unpaid in your work you can still count as "employed" if working for a relative's business.

We put 1997-99 figures here to compare male and female wage rates in New Zealand. Now we've added the 2001 update. The Employment Relations Act came into effect on October 2nd, 2000.

Date Wages/Salaries Self-employed
June 2001 383 141

Date Wages/Salaries Self-employed
June 2001 231 42

Date Wages/Salaries Self-employed
June 1999 345 144
June 1998 342 131
June 1997 339 121

Date Wages/Salaries Self-employed
June 1999 204 38
June 1998 193 29
June 1997 187 33

This table information is from the NZ Govt Statistics website:
"The Time Series Of Average Weekly Income For All People aged 15 years and over by sex."
Trends show that women still remain well behind men in their average weekly wage. This information does not, of course, take into account women who work part-time out of choice. However, it still shows a massive lagging behind when it comes to women's earning power. We may have more women in positions of leadership, but has it made it better for women on the whole? What about the women who work as cleaners, in factories, hotels, nurses etc., what are their work conditions like? How safe are their workplaces?

The Council of Trade Unions is now campaigning for Fairness at Work. With the introduction of the new ERA, it is hoped that conditions for women (and men of course, too) will vastly improve.

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