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ACTA, Against Cruelty To Animals
NZWoman's ACTA Campaign
- Against Cruelty To Animals -
Animal   Concentration   Camps!

"We have been given the power over our fellow creatures,
To do with them as we see fit.
To treat them with kindness and respect and understanding,
Is the measure of our greatness."

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ACTA: Against Cruelty To Animals

ACTA: Petition - Please Sign!

Who Desperately Need Our Help:

Good on you for being brave enough to follow this link! It is not easy facing up to the reality of what we as humans can be like.

The building is a chicken "factory" concentration camp. Here, whilst alive, their sensitive beaks are cut and they are forced to live in a wire-floored cage barely larger than they are themselves. They cannot walk,nor flap their wings and they live inside without sunshine for their whole short, pitiful lives.

The mothering instinct of the hen will never be fully realised. She will never forage, never dust-bath, never nestle quietly after the sun goes down. She will never have her chicks follow her around the farmyard.

General Conditions for "Factory" Concentration Camp Animals

Drugs, hormones, and other chemicals are routinely administered to animals in intensive-confinement systems to mask stress and disease and to speed growth.
They are selectively bred for productivity and at the expense of their well-being. So they are worn out in a fraction of their natural life spans. Hundreds of thousands of these animals die every day. Young, unwanted male chicks are euthanised and some are even minced alive. Can we call that animal welfare? Do you want to feed these "sideline products" to your own pets in petfood tins?
Physical disorders brought on by exhaustive production demands are common. Dust and toxic gases accumulate in crowded, enclosed systems, causing respiratory diseases and death.
Losses are high yet the industry considers these acceptable because factory-farm profits depend on the optimal use of space and equipment and not on the well-being of individual animals.

Can you bear to let this continue?
If it doesn't matter to you, then leave this website and do nothing.
If it does matter, then please
• get a submission form from SAFE.
The new minimum standards being introduced for chicken farms can hardly be called animal welfare!.
• Also, email the Minister of Agriculture, stating your concerns. It doesn't matter if it's brief, just let the Minister know what you think.
• And finally, please do fill in our Petition. You will be making a difference for suffering animals in this nation!

The way we are treating chickens makes a mockery of the following passage from the Bible, spoken by Jesus as he mourned over Jerusalem's hard-heartedness:

"How often would I have gathered you together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings...but you would not."

The Mother Hen Who Rescued Her Chicks

In Mission, British Columbia, a fellow by the name of Ike tells the story about his Grandpa's hen house which burned to the ground one day. Ike arrived just in time to help put out the last of the fire. As he and his grandfather sorted through the wreckage, they came upon one hen lying dead near what had been the door of the hen house. Her top feathers were singed brown by the fire's heat, her neck limp. Ike bent down to pick up the dead hen. As he did the hen's four chicks came scurrying out from beneath her burnt body. The chicks survived because they were insulated by the shelter of the hens wings.
The True Story of the Mother Hen Who Rescued Her Chicks

SAFE, NZ - Animal rights, NZ

America's Humane Society has excellent articles:
Learn about the Natural Life of Chickens

Caring about Babe and other Pigs

Organ transplants cause animal suffering


Codes of Animal Welfare from MAF. Are they really working?

Dairy cow lameness is due to bad farm practice.

Info from US on how we kill farm animals and ritual slaughter (this is distressing. Pleeeeeeease PROTEST about ritual slaughter and do NOT buy the products!!)

AFFCO's promise Here's hoping this isn't just a fop to satisfy the law! But we notice that there is no mention of actual slaughter practices. We abhor halal slaughtering. It is OBSCENE and horrible!

Dairy cow tail-docking and other welfare information)

Towards True Animal Welfare

BC (USA) Farm Animal Programme. This is what we should be doing.

Animal Welfare Info, NZ:
0800 327-027
(no charge in NZ)

MAF hotline for animal welfare complaints.

1999 NZ Animal Welfare Act, and
MAF's Guide to the Act.

NZ Animal Welfare, about researching on animals, transport etc., from MAF.

What can you do?
• Don't buy pig nor chicken products unless you KNOW they are free-range (most are not so look for labelling).
• Ask your supermarket to provide food which they KNOW has not been factory farmed.
• Fight to get intensive farming removed from New Zealand. One way is to join SAFE.
• Don't buy fur products.
• Don't buy products made by companies who practise cruelty to animals, eg Proctor and Gambles. See their list of products here as well as alternatives to buy.
• Phone the MAF hotline with any animal welfare complaints: 0800 327-027


Make your statement! Take your stand!
These creatures will go on suffering until there is a public
Fill in our Petition Page here

~ Free-Range Eggs ~
NZ SPCA barn egg accreditation programme.

Henergy and Bennicks are the only ones accredited so far, that we know of. However, Frenzs give a guarantee on their packaging that their eggs and poultry are free-range and organic. Buy only from farms like Frenzs and, as far as you can, check out that these free-range places really are free-range.

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