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If you have a webpage which tells your occupational overuse story, you are welcome to join the webring. You can of course remain anonymous and use a pseudonym. Hearing each other's stories helps us to learn, gives us encouragement and provides support.

If you have a TRUE story to share, or wish to read the stories which have started up our webring, go here to our Webring Page. If you do not have a webpage yet, one of our members can help you if you need help to make the page. Email us at WebOOS Network Support.

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An overseas sufferer.

Freefallnz's World -
You will surely sympathise with this person's ACC experience! (OK, so they're not an OOS sufferer but their story gives some insight into the frustrations that can occur once anyone is injured.)

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About The Group and Joining Options

We are here to provide information and support to people who have OOS through injury at work in New Zealand. People who belong to the group come from all walks of life and have varying degrees of injury.

To join the local Whangaparaoa group, please email us at Join Whangaparaoa OOS Support Group. The group has a small annual subscription of NZ$15.00 to cover newsletter mailouts, photocopying etc.

If you would like to join the Website group, be involved with helping us compile information, or you need help but don't wish to join the local group, it is of course free. You will receive a newsletter via email on a bi-monthly basis (i.e. every two months). Please contact Website OOS Support. (This option means that you can join without going to the moderated e-group at top-left.)

Disclaimer: this OOS website is intended to be for group support and discussion and NOT for medical assessment nor professional legal advice of any kind.
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