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Research News

Read about Dr Lynn and Jane Greening's research and our meeting with Dr Lynn in Christchurch

"Old news" but Good News for RSI/OOS sufferers!
RSI (OOS) is shown to involve nerve injury.

Use of high frequency ultrasound to measure nerve movements occurring during limb movements
by Dr Bruce Lynn and Jane Greening at University College, London. From the Journal of Physiology

High frequency ultrasound as opposed to normal ultrasound testing. Better imaging than ordinary ultrasound, and has the advantage of being able to scan the structure in different positions. (Ultrasound pics of the forearm tendons are shown.)

Possibility of fibromyalgia and spinal disc origin,
Dr McFadden's research.
(Note: It's possible for OOS to become a fibromyalgia condition. Fibromyalgia means "pain in the fibrous tissues and muscles".)

Otago Student Research on Computer Safety in Schools

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Interesting Books

Write a review for any of these or other OOS injury books you know about.
Send your review to OOS Book Review.

End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery by Kate Montgomery
Review: Excellent for OOS sufferers with carpal tunnel pain which extends into the forearm and upper body. This book can be modified to use for many different OOS injuries. Get it from your library to see if it's appropriate for your injury.

End Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Kate Montgomery

Complete Guide to Good Posture at Work: Self help manual for sufferers of back and neck pain, RSI... by Andrew Wilson
Review: Andrew is an osteopath. Excellent book. Trigger points described, how they form and how to treat them. Muscle fatigue talked about.

Complete Guide to Good Posture at Work by Andrew Wilson

Kinesiology: Muscle Testing and Energy Balancing by Ann Holdway
Review: Good information on muscles and their relation to the lymphatic system.

Kinesiology by Ann Holdaway

Desk Exercises by Jenny Pynt: How to Self Treat your Pain, Improve your Shape and Prevent Chronic Problems
Review: If you sit at a desk, you can do these exercises. Very helpful, especially for prevention or after you've returned to work from your injury, and well illustrated.

Desk Exercises by Jenny Pynt
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Stress Injuries by Tammy Crouch

It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, RSI Theory & Therapy for Computer Professionals by Suparna Damany, Jack Bellis, Martin Cherniack

Repetitive Strain Injury : A Computer User's Guide by Emil Pascarelli, Deborah Quilter (Contributor)

Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome : And Other Repetitive Strain Injuries by Sharon J. Butler, et al

Pain-Free Typing Technique : Simple Solutions to Prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries, from a Concert Pianist by Howard Richman

Comfort at Your Computer : Body Awareness Training for Pain-Free Computer Use by Paul Linden

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