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NZ Herald article Dec 16 2000Baycorp wants to obtain ACC files to sell to EMPLOYERS for health information regarding job applicants and/or employees
This is a blatant, dangerous and shocking breach of privacy and human rights. The information on these files includes extensive coverage of health information which should be private and confidential. Many of these files also contain letters from so-called "occupational doctors" who will say anything to please ACC and keep in their pay. We could name a few of those "doctors". How about you?
It is extraordinary that ACC did not immediately turn down such a proposal which is an outrageous contravention of natural human rights. We have grave questions about the integrity of ACC, which would use the general consent signed by ACC claimants, to sell their information. Furthermore, it is a contravention of the Human Rights Act, which states that employers are not allowed to discriminate on the grounds of disability. Prospective employers already consistently force people to sign forms, saying whether or not they have had OOS. This, plus the "buying" of ACC information about job applicants, can only be for the purposes of DISCRIMINATION. Where are the comments of the Human Rights Commissioner?

Speech by MP Annette KingLaunch of Bone and Joint Decade, 2000 to 2010,
(Speech by MP Annette King Dec 5th, 2000)....

OOS sufferers need a far louder voice than they now have! We need to see a government budget of the amount of money being contributed towards research into OOS conditions, and where this money is specifically being spent. OOS sufferers have often been conscientious employees who were taken in, chewed up and spat out by ruthless workplace employers. They deserve respect and appropriate treatment plus educational reimbursement to form new careers. Many OOS sufferers are not getting any help at all. Many cannot afford to pay for their own treatment and so end up disabled for life.

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We are here to provide information and support to people who have OOS through injury at work in New Zealand. People who belong to the group come from all walks of life and have varying degrees of injury.

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